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divarouj is the leading online shopping platform and marketplace between of retailer and customers

At divarouj, we believe that a sustainable, transparent and enjoyable shopping experience is best for consumers and retailers alike. As a result, we've built a technology-enabled platform and marketplace that connects consumers with retailers in a convenient and streamlined manner. To understand how the divarouj platform operates and how you can benefit from it, read on!

How Does Divarouj Work?

The divarouj platform is designed to offer consumers a one-stop-shop for all of their online shopping needs. Using our AI-driven recommendation engine, we suggest the most suitable products for the user based on their past purchases, browsing habits, and demographic information. In addition, we use advanced technologies to track, analyze, and process customers' orders in a secure and quick manner.

Why Are We Different?

Unlike many of our competitors, divarouj does not host or operate a single website. Instead, we operate a free platform that hosts thousands of retailer websites and marketplaces. Essentially, this means that when a customer lands on a divarouj website, they are presented with a variety of options rather than just one option that is housed on a separate server.

Along with the flexibility that this afford us, we also offer our users the ability to browse thousands of different products from hundreds of different retailers. As a result, we assume that our users can discover new products and find what they're looking for easily.

How Do You Benefit From Using Divarouj?

As a retailer or brand, you have access to thousands of potential customers, all of whom are using our platform to make better buying decisions. Using data gathered from previous purchases, we can match you with prospective customers who are searching for products and brands similar to those you sell.

In addition, our platform's user-centric design and AI-driven product suggestions mean that you can always be certain that your products will be presented in the most suitable light for the customer. This is extremely beneficial to your bottom line and creates a more positive consumer experience, which will encourage them to make more purchases from your website or marketplace.

What Do You Need To Start Selling On Divarouj?

To begin selling on divarouj, all you need is a retail or online store. Once you have this, you can use our platform to upload your products and begin taking orders. To get started, visit this link,


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